Edible Landscaping

Permaculture food forest south florida

Did you know that Ready-to-Grow Gardens offers custom edible landscaping? This includes design, installation and ongoing care services for edible gardens.  We can help create unique designs that incorporate tropical fruit trees, annual/perennial vegetables and herbs, edible flowers, plants that enrich the soil, and/or plants that support wildlife.

permaculture food forest miami

We can create edible landscaping that use a variety of materials and a variety of design elements. We can incorporate raised beds, in-ground beds, fruit orchards, food forests and pollinator areas into our custom designs. 

For those of you that are interested in your own custom edible landscape in South Florida, I recommend becoming familiar with different edible plants that will thrive in our climate listed on our edible plants page.  

An in-person consultation is usually recommended, followed by design work and then installation. To schedule a consultation, email us!

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edible food forest landscape

Vizcaya urban farm

food forest at Arquitectonica in Coconut Grove

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permaculture food forest south florida

food forest south florida

food forest south florida