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Ready-to-Grow Gardens is experienced in the installation of edible school gardens and giving hands-on lessons for teachers and students on the basics of edible gardening in South Florida.  If you would like any help with a school garden let us know!

Also, we offer discounts to schools for our edible plants and garden supplies that range from 15-25%.









South Florida Gardening Classes

Ready-to-Grow Gardens has a demonstration garden at its Miami nursery located at:

4590 SW 122nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33175

If interested in being notified on upcoming classes feel free to contact us.

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Here is a great video by John Kohler of Growing Your Greens that he made at our nursery and demonstration garden.  We will be making more educational videos in the future.  Some can be seen on our instagram and facebook pages.


Gardens for Libraries

Ready-to-Grow Gardens recently installed an edible garden at John F. Kennedy Library in Hialeah.  We also had a series of classes with children there teaching them about healthy eating and gardening through hands-on time in the garden.


Here is a cool video about it:



Edible Gardening Lectures

Ready-to-Grow Gardens can provide lectures on sustainable edible gardening in South Florida.

Teacher Workshops

We can provide hands-on teacher workshops to teach the basics of starting and maintaining edible school gardens in South Florida.  Most recently have been a series of workshops at Fairchild Garden for teachers involved in the Fairchild Challenge.


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