Edible Garden Service

The edible garden service of Ready-to-Grow Gardens  includes:

Garden Visits


Many gardeners are too busy to give their garden the attention it needs to reach its full potential, and some are beginners and need expert advice and assistance in getting their garden to flourish.
In our garden visits we do the following:

  1. Help harvest and prune existing plants. Remove unproductive or diseased plants.
  2. Weed
  3. Replant according to the season
  4. Train and stake vining plants with bamboo trellises
  5. Add compost and mulch (as needed)
  6. Add organic fertilizer (as needed)
  7. Use organic pest control (as needed)
  8. Teach how to maintain and enjoy your garden

Visits are typically once every 4 weeks, but can be at different frequencies, or as needed.  Prices for visits are based on frequency of visit and size of garden.



Automatic Irrigation for Garden Beds

Although we wish people never left their gardens, the truth is most of us can’t always be there every morning to water. Typically lawn sprinklers either under or over-water garden beds. RTG installs automatic irrigation systems for edible gardens.  These systems are very convenient for the busy or traveling gardener.

Our reliable, easy-to-program timers allow you to control when and how often you water, and attach directly to a hose spigot. At the garden we use water saving drip lines and micro-sprinklers. The drip line emitters deliver water directly to the root-zone, minimizing losses to evaporation. The micro sprinklers are great for salad greens and seed propagation because they provide a light sprinkling that perfectly moistens the soil without compacting it.  This is one of the best ways to irrigate a raised bed vegetable garden.  Systems start around $175 and might be more depending on the size of the garden and distance from a hose spigot.

Irrigation for raised bed garden
Advantages of automatic drip irrigation system:

  • Eliminates daily hand watering
  • Cares for your garden when you’re out of town
  • Uses a fraction of the water compared to traditional sprinklers
  • Does not compact soil
  • Reduces diseases problems caused by overhead sprinkler and hose watering
  • Operates independent of lawn sprinklers


Complete Garden Replanting

These include a replanting of most or all of a garden with new plants, plant identification tags, stakes, trellises, soil, organic fertilizer and mulch. These run at at $175 for a small garden (3’x7′), $200 for a medium garden (3’x9′ or 4’x8′), and $225 for a large garden (4′ x 10′).
How to plant garden


Soil/ Compost Delivery

Ready-to-Grow Gardens offers the service of delivering our special soil blend directly into your garden/landscape, including spreading it out as you’d like.  We usually charge $150 for the first cubic yd and $100 for every additional cubic yard.  Price includes having organic fertilizer mixed in.

Garden Design

Ready-to-Grow Gardens can provide a design for edible landscapes.

Cover Crop Planting

For $50-$100, depending on the size of the site, Ready-to-Grow Gardens will do a complete cover crop planting.  Cover crops are plants planted to improve the overall structure and fertility of the soil.



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