Want to attend our next class?

Our second class of 2020 “Intro to Growing Your Own Food” will take place Saturday, February 15th, 10am-12:30 pm at the Ready-to-Grow Garden Center. In this class we will cover the basics of how to grow your own food, including:

– Determining the best location of your garden

– The importance of sun exposure

– Basics of designing an edible garden

– Getting it started

– How to amend soil (compost, organic fertilizers, mulch)

– How to water

– Crop choices and timing

– Planting seeds

– Basics of maintenance (harvesting, weeding, pruning, amending soil, succession planting, organic fertilization, organic pest management)

In addition, we will cover more specifics with a tour of our demonstration garden where attendees can see, touch and taste some of our favorite edible plants.

Space is limited so if you’d like to attend, we recommend registering soon. We have also have a limited amount of chairs so if you have a favorite chair feel free to bring it.

We’d love for you to join us! For tickets please visit our eventbrite page or facebook event page.

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