Time to plant cool weather veggies in South Florida


We are finally ready for fall planting now that the weather has started to cool slightly and most hard rains have ended!  In the coming months we are able to grow the best salad greens, tomatoes and much more, right in our own South Florida gardens.  This is as local as it gets.  However, for many people designing a garden properly, bringing in soil and starting plants from seeds can be overwhelming.  Often many are not experienced gardening with our unique climate or simply don’t have the time to start or do enough maintenance on a garden.

This is what Ready-to-Grow Gardens specializes in.  Simplifying the process of designing, installing and/or maintaining edible gardens well suited for South Florida’s unique conditions.

If you or anyone you know would like help with an edible garden keep us in mind, and feel free to schedule an appointment.  In addition to creating new gardens, we help replant existing gardens and have a great selection of edible veggie and herb plants for sale, with the majority seen here.











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