Ready-to-Grow is hiring!

Have you always dreamed of a job that includes working outside and helping people grow their own food? Perhaps you should consider working with the RTG team. Our busy season is here and we are looking for people that can help with some or all of the following:
–      Nursery management (plant propagation, soil mixing, potting, weeding)
–      Loading and unloading of heavy organic material (soil, mulch, manure, and an effective way to get stronger)
–      Carpentry (cutting wood, building garden beds, preparing beds for installation)
–      Retail sales (helping customers select plants and materials they need from our nursery to grow food)
–      Installing and maintaining edible gardens
–      System optimization (helping us do what we do better and more efficiently)
–      Garden education (teaching others how to grow their own food, including helping with classes)
If this is a job that you might be interested in, feel free to email with a cover letter (what interests you), resume and preferred pay rate. We are open to occasional, part-time and full-time help. Also, if you know someone else that might be interested please share!

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