Fall Garden Sale this weekend!

Ready to plant veggies and herbs that like it slightly cooler? If so and you are in need of organically grown plants and garden supplies, we will have a lot available at our next big sale this weekend! 11/2 & 11/3 we will be open from 10am-3pm. We are particularly excited since this will be our first sale with our new hoophouse completed! We will have an excellent variety of tomatoes (over 20 of our favorite varieties, including Everglades Cherry), peppers (ranging from sweet & mild to super hot), eggplant (different shapes, shades, some with stripes), kale, as well as many other greens, herbs, strawberries and lots of tropical fruit trees. Need other supplies for your garden? We will have lots of seeds, our custom soil mix, organic fertilizers, composted mulch, aged manure, and bamboo for trellises. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own boxes and trays for carrying plants to reduce our use of plastic. Also if you’ve gotten plants from us in the past and have pots and trays left over, feel free to bring them back so we can reuse them. We are located in the heart of Miami’s Horse Country at 4590 SW 122nd Ave, 33175. If interested, feel free to stop by!

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