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We’d love to provide edible garden help.

To set up an installation or for more info, email or call 786-436-7703.  We are based in Miami, FL with our nursery in Horse County (open by appointment) and office in Coconut Grove.

If you have a lot of open sunny space in your yard a consultation is often not necessary, however for those with small yards with limited sun or for those wanting a custom garden, we offer consultations for $50 (Miami-Dade County) or $75 (Broward/Palm Beach County).

Keep in mind that the sunniest parts of your property are where edible gardens will do the best. Most edible plants need at least 6 hours of direct light to thrive.  Thats what you need to look for when deciding where to put an edible garden.

We generally only travel as far south as Key Largo and as far north as Boca Raton, but we can make exceptions sometimes.

For those of you that only need materials for your garden (veggie/herb plants, soil, organic fertilizer, etc) they can be purchased from our nursery in Horse Country by appointment.  Also we can deliver for orders $100 or more.

Our address is:

4590 SW 122nd Ave, 33175

edible plant nursery